Our current ‘socio-economic’ environment contributes to much of our stress symptoms and many of us carry stress around in our muscles on a daily basis.


Stress and anxiety affect us all in many different ways and can be defined as: The bodies natural reaction to fear and change.


Phobias are not overseen as illness or lack of will power as they stem from our sub conscious minds and they can be treated.

Creating Human-Coherence
~ A change of Perspective is all it takes.

Hello and welcome to Intra-Perspective.                                            Sanctuary for an Integral-living

This site was designed as a self-help access point for holistic therapy treatments such as hypnotherapy and personal healing ~ Service is the aim.

Throughout the site you will find my services as a professional and accredited Hypnotherapist and integrative counselor as well as drum healer and spiritual consultant. I also write blogs and articles to browse on a variety of topics.

Intra perspective was not intended as a one-size-fits-all destination – it aims to honor you the individual, therefore making it a sanctuary from which everybody can take something away which they may be seeking.

We are living through some of the most turbulent times in history.
Constant and rapid change is occurring and our collective awareness is accelerating tremendously.

This can inevitably cause great distress to the uninitiated.

“In the late eighties, the Encyclopedia Britannica’s editors released a major discovery: if we took all the knowledge that humanity had acquired since the beginning of our civilization, which began with the Sumerians about 6000 years ago, and continued to 1900AD, that same amount of information would double in fifty years from 1900 through 1950. During that fifty-year period, we learned as many bits of information, thinking in terms of computers, as we did in the previous 6000 years!
Nothing like this had ever happened in all of known history before.”
– Drunvalo 

How are we supposed to deal with all this acceleration of our times?

It appears in today’s society that we are consistently distracted from our natural human essence of peace, balance and harmony.

Healing ourselves first, is of paramount importance in order to effectively face a brighter future.


“Intra” meaning – on the inside; within.

“Perspective” – A particular attitude toward or way of regarding something; a point of view.

The purpose is to help aid you the individual back to true inner happiness as a solid reference point for your well being.

It should ideally be explored as an insight to the human condition, offering solutions to mind-oriented issues, leading to the release of much of our unnecessary suffering.

It is my mission statement that it guides you to a liberation of Mind and Self.

Feel free to explore the site and if an area relating to one (or more) of your concerns has not been mentioned, please feel free to get in contact today so I can identify your symptoms and provide a fast and effective solution.

By individually taking an ‘Intra-Perspective’ of ourselves we rediscover what makes us move, sing and dance at a root level. All hopes for a better, more prosperous future lie in our ability to return to our truest nature.

“A change of Perspective is all it takes to transform a life, By changing the way we look at things, the things we look at change – from scarcity to abundance.
When we learn to recognize the good in our lives on a daily basis and develop an ‘attitude of gratitude’ we take full responsibility and invite the miraculous to enter into our lives. – Do you know you are filled with stars?”


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