A therapist is like the weather: They provide a climate for change.


Hi there, I’m Jaymes Wood. Thank-You for visiting my website.

I’m an holistic therapist (the treatment of the whole person,) & a Transpersonal guide and mentor in Milton Keynes, UK specializing in Hypnotherapy with counselling skills. 

I’m also a Natural hands healer as recognized by the Aetherius society UK and I offer several, insightful and trans-formative healing modalities. 

Accredited & certified (Dip hyp CS) as a professional member of the National Hypnotherapy Society – (the UK’s first hypnotherapy body to achieve AVR (Accredited Voluntary Register.)

My first passionate awakening was the drums. The awe-inspiring sounds of the drum set immediately grabbed my attention from a young age and sparked a determination deep within me.

I won best music student awards throughout my college years and achieved my final grade 8 in December of 2005 with merit.

Whilst training as a hypnotherapist I discovered a surprising news article stating scientific research (coming from Stockholm’s Karolinska Institutet and psychology professor at the University of Washington) detailing, Quote;

“Drummers are generally smarter than their bandmates and they actually make everyone around them smarter too. The research suggested that drummers have “innate problem-solving skills” and a positive impact on communities. Using all the various parts of a drum kit to keep one steady beat is actually an expression of intrinsic problem-solving abilities and showed that rhythmic music can actually make other people smarter.”

This study affirmed my commitment towards therapy and counselling.

Certified Hypnotherapist / Healer / Integrative Counselor.

Spiritual Consultant / Writer & Speaker

A Redirection

Over the years I have offered my wisdom and ‘innate sense of problem solving’ – helping many to overcome struggles and trials within their lives – clearing  detrimental thought patterns.

Often friends and peers reassure me with praise and great testimonials that this line of service is in alignment with my nature.

My approach to the issues of the psyche (mind) has always been holistic – coming from a deep-rooted sense of stillness, acting as a channel for the highest wisdom, healing and a dose of logic.

“A mind stretched by a new experience can never go back to its old dimensions…” Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr

Around 2012 I underwent a personal transformation known in the field of transpersonal psychology as a Peak Experience or Spiritual Emergency respectively.

This undoubtedly redirected me towards my calling of assisting others through healing therapy and demonstrating the forgotten knowledge of true inner well being.

The experience helped me greatly through my own personal phase of depression, helping to expand my sense of purpose and self.
Having received these new insights I have come to fully appreciate that most, if not all of what we suffer from arises from the mind and non-serving thought patterns and is a product of our perspective on things.

My offerings to you

We are living in truly turbulent and rapidly changing times which can cause great stress and anxiety for the uninitiated.

As a certified and accredited hypnotherapist and healer, I work with individuals on a wide range of issues – offering a variety of therapies and person-centered counselling styles such as; hypnosis, aura-healing, spiritual guidance and integrative counselling through to drumming therapy and meditation and mindfulness training.

I seek to help you as an individual in overcoming your subconscious based issues to realize the true potential which lies dormant within you, just beyond your current and perceivable reach.

If you have any inquiries whatsoever please feel free to get in contact today via the contact details section.

My interests lie in continuously affirming scientific evidence behind true and lasting happiness and the untapped potential of the human mind.

Evidence now increasingly points to eastern philosophy, holistic living and well being as well as ways of living through heart-based approaches such as self-inquiry, contemplation and meditation. All of which have been around for millennia.

An East meets West shift is undoubtedly taking place throughout the world at large whether many of us are aware of it or not. Reconciling the differences between Eastern philosophy and Western pragmatism.

Sincerest Beliefs

Having researched many different areas, I believe that Eastern traditions like meditation, contemplation, mindfulness and yoga mixed with genuine Western scientific research on the mind hold the key to our future potential.

Feel free to explore the site and if an area relating to one (or more) of your concerns has not been mentioned, please feel free to get in contact today so I can identify your symptoms and provide an efficient solution.

I look forward to meeting you.


“Health is your greatest wealth and personal experience is the richness of life!” James Wood

James is a qualified and accredited Hypnotherapist Counsellor through Chrysalis course training providers (Cert hyp CS) for counsellors and psychotherapists – Accredited with the Royal College of Nursing and a registered member of the National Hypnotherapy Society – The UKs first hypnotherapy body to achieve AVR (Accredited Voluntary Register.)

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