Drum Healing

“Rhythm permeates everyone’s life. It’s in everything we do, we see, we feel, and it’s within the circadian rhythms of our bodies as well. Rhythm is a fact of life.” ~ Arthur Hull

Drumming is possibly the oldest form of active meditation known to humanity.
The use of drums has been recognized as being able to put people into spiritual trances throughout history.

The drum is a musical instrument with great power and presence that gives the “pulse” and backbone to all music it is used with.

The sound of the drum is the tuning of the soul.


Drumming can help facilitate with a healthy ego-deconstruction through its powerful resonance with the depths, thereby allowing the soul to speak.

Rhythmic drumming induces natural altered states, which have a wide range of therapeutic applications.

A study by Barry Quinn, Ph.D. demonstrates that even a brief drumming session can double alpha brain wave activity dramatically reducing stress.

Drumming can also help us to express and address our emotional issues. Unexpressed feelings and emotions can form energy blockages, the physical stimulation of drumming removes blockages and produces emotional release.

Sound vibrations resonate through every cell in our body, stimulating the release of negative cellular memories.

“Drumming emphasizes self-expression, teaches us how to rebuild emotional health, and addresses issues of violence and conflict through expression and integration of emotions” Ed Mikenas

Here are 6 Evidence-Based Health Benefits of Drumming:

Drumming has been proven in human clinical research to do the following six things:

  1. Reduce Blood Pressure, Anxiety/Stress: A 2014 study published in the Journal of Cardiovascular Medicine enrolled both middle-aged experienced drummers and a younger novice group in a 40-minute djembe drumming sessions. Their blood pressure, blood lactate and stress and anxiety levels were taken before and after the sessions. Also, their heart rate was monitored at 5 second intervals throughout the sessions. As a result of the trial, all participants saw a drop in stress and anxiety. Systolic blood pressure dropped in the older population post drumming.
  2. Increase Brain White Matter & Executive Cognitive Function: A 2014 study published in the Journal of Huntington’s Disease found that two months of drumming intervention in Huntington’s patients (considered an irreversible, lethal neurodegenerative disease) resulted in “improvements in executive function and changes in white matter microstructure, notably in the genu of the corpus callosum that connects prefrontal cortices of both hemispheres.” The study authors concluded that the pilot study provided novel preliminary evidence that drumming (or related targeted behavioral stimulation) may result in “cognitive enhancement and improvements in callosal white matter microstructure.”
  3. Reduced Pain: A 2012 study published in Evolutionary Psychology found that active performance of music (singing, dancing and drumming) triggered endorphin release (measured by post-activity increases in pain tolerance) whereas merely listening to music did not. The researchers hypothesized that this may contribute to community bonding in activities involving dance and music-making.
  4. Reduce Stress (Cortisol/DHEA ratio), Increase Immunity: A 2001 study published in Alternative Therapies and Health Medicine enrolled 111 age- and sex- matched subjects (55 men and 56 women; mean age 30.4 years) and found that drumming “increased dehydroepiandrosterone-to-cortisol ratios, increased natural killer cell activity, and increased lymphokine-activated killer cell activity without alteration in plasma interleukin 2 or interferon-gamma, or in the Beck Anxiety Inventory and the Beck Depression Inventory II.
  5. Transcendent (Re-Creational) Experiences: A 2004 study published in the journal Multiple Sclerosis revealed that drumming enables participants to go into deeper hypnotic states, and another 2014 study published in PLoS found that when combined with shamanistic instruction, drumming enables participants to experience decreased heartrate and dreamlike experiences consistent with transcendental experiences.
  6. Socio-Emotional Disorders: A powerful 2001 study published in the journal Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine found that low-income children who enrolled in a 12-week group drumming intervention saw multiple domains of social-emotional behaviour improve significantly, from anxiety to attention, from oppositional to post-traumatic disorders

How I offer Drum Healing:

A professional drummer for nearly 20 years I know and understand first-hand the power & potential of drumming and I’ve always viewed drumming as a form of communication and expression.

To really understand the trans-formative capacity of drumming we must experience them first hand.

Drumming can help with: retrieving lost aspects of Self, releasing unhealthy energies, solving conflicts within our unconscious, transforming the negative energy of past traumas into positive energy, helping you to finally feel suppressed emotions, and healing unhealthy patterns and habits.

Performing Drum healing:

Each time I perform a drum therapy session it is unique to the client as; intentions, dynamics and tempo’s will always positively vary.
I allow my intuition and innate sense of rhythm to lead.

The most important aspect of drum healing is to set an Intention for yourself before commencing in order to gain the most out of the individual experience.

Drum healing sessions can be used for a variety of reasons, such as any of those listed above or simply as a deep and transcendent experience.

How it looks:

I play solo, acoustic drums using repetitive, monotonous trance based rhythms for your psyche and core to entrain and latch on to.

Additionally I encourage the experience of drumming with the music of renowned percussionist Byron Metcalf, using the fantastic Hemi-Sync® music play along material.

(Hemi-Sync® meaning hemispheric synchronization is simply an audio-guidance process founded by Robert A. Monroe where the left and right brain hemispheres are working together in a state of coherence to produce profound benefits to our states of well being.)

Please come and experience the powerful potential of drum healing – contact here