aristotleMany habits are harmless, however others can prove to be of more detriment to our overall well being.

At some point, a habit would have served a useful purpose to us.
The things that bring us joy, or that which we perceive bring us joy, are often the hardest to break habit of as they are filed in the subconscious as “Pleasure files” and as such, we often do not wish to change their positions there.

It is only when we recognize that a habit is no longer effective to us that we can decide to reprogramme and manage our thoughts about them.

This requires two crucial things;  that we recognize and respect that something is no longer effective in our lives and secondly that we take full responsibility in making the decision to change that habit.

The brain relies on habits for quick problem-solving. When we encounter a difficult situation our mind searches for a way to avoid it and so things that bring us joy or comfort often become a habitual resolution to pain.

How hypnotherapy can assist:

Hypnotherapy is an ideal tool to help aid you in personal change.     Habits are run from our subconscious mind – where our once useful behaviour is stored away.

We must first identify the habit as a habit and not something beneficial or supportive to us anymore, as well as recognize that we have the power to change it with ease and joy.

The power lies within us to effect this change and hypnotherapy has been proven time and time again to aid these changes.