Within this timeless passage a guiding light does dance. Lost from conscious memory, but visible in trance. Dr Michael Newton

Are you interested in getting to the root cause of your problems and/or obstacles in your life? regression

In the world of hypnotherapy this is known as the Initial Sensitizing Event or ISE for short.
Regression hypnosis is a fantastic tool for achieving these results for individuals of any background.

During regression hypnosis, I first help calm the mind of its constant chatter through a set of spoken techniques, relaxing the body and assist you through your subconscious memory (where all of life’s experiences are stored up) in order to reach the point of Initial Sensitizing where events first took place.

This will help in healing those unresolved problems, overcoming a multitude of psychological and/or traumatic issues and memories which may still be causing daily issues in your life.

In his ground-breaking book Journey of Souls, Dr Michael Newton details a case study of twenty-nine people from various cultures of class and belief systems (purposefully for experimentation) detailing the amazing stories each individual has under deep states of hypnosis during past life regression (PLR.)

It is fascinating to learn how all of the twenty-nine individuals each have profound and detailed stories of past lives, which they recall vividly from their respective sessions – regardless of their culture or creed.

The regression hypnosis I offer is not of a specific PLR nature and as such can be used in a multitude of applications through hypnotherapy to uncover; Eating disorders, Weight issues, Detrimental habits, Fears/Phobias, Anxities, Self esteem/confidence issues as well as childhood issues helping to access the ‘Inner Child’ within to re-establish a connection/relationship.

Will I uncover more than I can manage?

Somethings are best left unturned, however in order to truly progress to a state of full healing and wellbeing certain issues must first be tackled, in order for our minds to be at peace once and for all.
Abreactions (emotional responses) and trauma can be common side effects of regression hypnosis.

However the subconscious mind – that which is responsible for ten-elevenths of our total minds – controlling 95-99% of our daily lives is concerned with our overall protection and therefor will not uncover too much of what we are unable to handle without our capacity, even during hypnosis.

There is no guarantee that the path will be easy, but the road to understanding can be made easier through clinical techniques such as hypnosis.