Weight Loss

In today’s modern society our body image has taken a high pedestal of importance. Feeling attractive generally means that we have a higher self-esteem.

Like many things in life, our sense of well being should originate from within. However with the large amounts of advertising distractions all around us this inner-confidence can appear to continually elude us.

Obesity and smoking-related issues are the two leading causes of death in the developed world. Obesity is defined as; carrying too much body fat for your height and gender, to the extent that it poses a risk to health.

  • A person becomes overweight due to taking in more calories over a given period of time than their body needs for maintenance, growth and activity.
  • Conditioning from children, Social conditioning, bullying trauma and even emotional attachments are just a few of the reasons a person can become over weight, and these issues must be addressed correctly for true progression.

How Hypnotherapy can assist

Whether it is 3 pounds or 3 Stone, Hypnotherapy can assist you with detrimental eating habits and emotional patterns starting today!

  • With the use of hypnosis, I will work with you personally and individually to help you alter your lifestyle to a healthier one – this will then become a habit for you to live your desired life from.
  • I will assist you in understanding your detrimental eating patterns so that you can effectively and efficiently change them and we can run through a check list of things to enable your future progression.
  • In some instances, regression hypnosis may be required as an option in order to rediscover the ISE (initial sensitizing event.) This is when our eating habits first became out of control.