Natural Healing

“Spiritual energy, when it is used by people, is the key which will unlock all doors to all problems ever facing mankind”     Dr. George King


Our bodies are natural miracle machines and true, lasting healing can be achieved through the human anatomy.

Natural healing (also known as hands healing or spiritual healing – similar to Reiki only seated) is a healing performance technique using one’s hands as channels to a patients energy centers, whereby the practitioner works with the clients Aura – where illness is reflected and very often the root cause of a persons psychosomatic conditions.

This in turn removes unwanted energy clinging to the patients Aura and surrounding the bodies main energy centers, also known as Chakras.

When our aura is in harmony, so must the physical body be as well…

The “King Technique” I offer was devised by Dr George King in the late 1950’s and is a form of spiritual or ‘hands’ healing which has been used successfully to heal tens of thousands of people all over the world, from conditions ranging from; minor headache to partial blindness. Hip conditions, rheumatism, arthritis, severe stress, back pains, gout, depression, asthma, muscular contractions, convulsive spasms, traumatic shock, whiplash, toothache, migraine, heart conditions, HIV and cancer.

These are just some conditions which have been assisted or completely cured by healers using the King Technique.

Natural Healing sessions are given on a contributions basis and last up to 60 minutes (Including consultation)

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