Is this just the end of the beginning?…

It seems everywhere we look there is bad news… Donald Trump president elect of the United States, BREXIT – (Britain’s exit from the EU) and the increasing divide between the rich and poor, not to mention war and famine.

Yet with the same token there appears to be a growing consensus amongst the majority of people whom feel utterly fed up by the lies and deceit of the ruling-elite and generally speaking feel indifferent – they want change and they want it now.

As a therapist I believe that our human nature does not like change.
I also happen to believe (on a large scale) that we only change when either the time has come (which it now has) or we are utterly forced to out of a necessity – which indeed we are being!

According to some of the indigenous tribes and cultures around the world – such as the ancient Mayans and the Hopi peoples, in the year 2012 – December 21st & 22nd specifically – we entered a new cycle of time ending an old cycle which had lasted many thousands of years, whereby we will (as a race) begin to leave the duality-‘piscean’ mindset behind – that of you vs me and adopt a more ‘Christ-Consciousness’ mindset of oneness, peace, understanding and equality for all. This has been regarded as the Second coming of Christ and chances are if you have been feeling indifferent since this amazing year also, then you too are awakening to the truths that await the masses. So stay tuned.


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But what do I mean by Is this just the end of the beginning?

It is clear we have been on a steady decline for the past 40 plus years (that is, being highly modest) and without the general population even really battering an eyelid to the implications of this – it is “Just how things are
However, can we go much further down this path? Where will it lead us? How will we manage?

Things are changing and changing rapidly and with the rise of the internet comes hand in hand the rise of collective-consciousness. The knowing and understanding that we ALL are not that different after all.
At the end of the day we all just want to live in peace in a clean and sustainable environment. (At least most of us do!) So then if nothing else, this should now blatantly demonstrate to us that something in the system, in the way we conduct our lives at large is inherently wrong.

Like never before there is possibly the largest number of healers and spiritual teachers gifting the earth ever and authors like Eckhart Tolle explain in depth in his book “A New Earth” how we are entering a new age of living for all.


One thing I always say to people is to turn-off mainstream news and seek alternative means which are truly informed and unbiased. This will both educate and expand ones consciousness and will assist in a growing awakening of truth.

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The end of the beginning simply means the start of something new. But to experience this we must individually and collectively start to reclaim our power as sovereign and responsible adults capable of critical thinking, leave the fear propaganda behind and start connecting with each other on a deeper & truer level.

The end of the beginning means enlightenment for all and the ascension of our shared and perceived reality – something which is already undoubtedly underway.

‘The world is full of magic things, patiently waiting for our senses to grow sharper.’ – W.B. Yeats

I wish you peace and prosperity.

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