Self care during ascension symptoms

We are alive and paying witness to the most remarkable times in human history, and as I’ve commented many times before, this can cause great anxiety to the uninitiated amongst us.

Many are oblivious that on December 21st 2012 our planet went in to direct alignment with the other planets in our solar system and marked the end of a 26,000+ year cycle of time – which the Ancient Mayans long predicted.

I have written a whole article on these Mayan prophecies which can be viewed here

According to many teachers, including founder of the heartmath institute Howard Martin – There is a consciousness shift taking place which is believed to be a dimensional shift in consciousness.

“We are moving from a baseline of third dimensional consciousness into the fourth and up into the higher ranges of the fourth and we’re doing this in a very short amount of time. A rough estimate for me would be, as a window of time, is about a 100 years and we’re right in the middle of it.”
– Howard Martin, Founder of the Heartmath Institute

The Hopi people’s say we are going from the 4th to the 5th world and that we are very close to the time of purification.
Change is a natural part of evolution and not something to be feared, but a normal process.
“It is time” they say. This can be read about in Frank Waters – ‘Book of the Hopi’

During these times since 2012 many are reporting a wide variety of physical and metaphysical symptoms, such as;
– Ringing in the ears
– Random aches and pains
– Muscular convulsions
– Migraines and headaches
– feelings of dizziness and drowsiness

If you have been experiencing any of these symptoms (or indeed other unexplainable aches or pains) then it is important to be be taking extra self-care and healing at this time.

I for one have had (intermittent) ringing in my ears alternating between left and right, which comes and goes as it pleases!
I know for me that this is not tinnitus or similar as I do not suffer with this problem usually and the ringing tends to overtake my hearing for short bursts of up to 60 seconds maximum, and then my normal hearing will resume.

It’s important to recognize that a GP /Doctor will most likely NOT be able to diagnose these random and intermittent symptoms many of us are experiencing as these are the direct affects of Ascension.

“Everything on the earth has a purpose, every disease an herb to cure it, and every person a mission. This is the Indian theory of existence.”
― Mourning Dove

Every ache, pain or issue with the anatomy has a metaphysical meaning behind it and during these times we should be taking all the measures we know well, for self-care and healing.
See more here:

I know I have experienced a multitude of different symptoms over the past few years which doctors just cannot explain and I have also found that by taking the best measures I have learnt from holistic and alternative healing methods – many of these symptoms have passed with ease.

This includes methods such as Reiki, Meditation (at least once a day), Hypnosis / Self Hypnosis, Self-love /Self-Inquiry and contemplation as well as adopting a Yoga practice.
All of these things and more can aid you through these changing times and remind you of why you are here right now and your inter-connectivity.

As we move from the 3rd dimension through the 4th and in to the 5th it is paramount that we not lose sight of our purpose and importance during this time on Earth.
We must learn to be easy on ourselves and adopt an approach of self love.
We all made pre-agreements to go through these shifts during this time and those of us with this knowledge must now be leading the way for others to integrate these ascension symptoms and not panic or lose faith.

‘To swing on the spiral of our divinity & still be a human…’ – Maynard James Keenan

This is a truly amazing time to be human – however, only if we can treat it with the reverence and love it deserves.

Go easy on yourself, practice self-care and love, take time out to enjoy the things you love doing and be as creative as possible with them.

If we can not help ourselves to heal and remain balanced through these times what good are we to others?…

I am made of energy, I will always exist.
Whatever happens in this life is a vehicle to move me along, not a beginning or an end.
No matter what the ego tells me.
No matter what the body feels.
Those are merely experiences that I need to feel to achieve what I came here to do, be and experience.
On some level, I already know everything that needs to be known.
I don’t remember it all right now because it would prevent me from the experience of the here and now.
When I seek my truth it will come back to me.
There is nothing to fear.
There is infinite love here.
All that is glows divinely from within me.
~ transpersonal affirmation

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