Prices ~ 2016

60 minute hypnotherapy Sessions – £40  (Stress/Anxiety, Fears/Phobias, Self Esteem/habits/test exam nerves) *Concessions available*

(Includes the Initial Consultation time – approx 15 mins)

Weight Loss (Package)

4-6 sessions, 60 minutes per session, first session 75 minutes. £200 All inclusive. *Concessions Available*

Quit Smoking (one-off session)

1.5 hours – £95

Transpersonal Hypnosis

“To awaken minds & hearts” 

60 mins – £40

(Includes initial consultation, approx 15 mins.)

Regression Hypnosis

75 mins – £65  (Includes initial consultation, approx 15 minutes.) *Concessions Available*


Counselling Services:

Based on 60 minute sessions – £45 per 60 minutes.

Assisting with; Repression, Cumulative traumas, Fears, Obsessive and compulsive behaviours, Sexual Dysfunction as well as working with Self-esteem and useful NLP techniques. (concessions available.)


Concessionary placements are offered on an availability basis at my discretion and can be cancelled for; late arrivals, time wasting, non-payment and/or haggling. I will require proof of low income to proceed with concessionary placements, such as; bankruptcy, benefits giro’s or books etc.

Upto 30% off dependent on earnings.